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Valentine's Day for Pet-Lovers

Not sure what to get your friends, family, and four-leggers this Valentine's Day? If they have a pet, or if they are a pet, consider these great options below!

💕 Buy One Give One 💕

For a list of some of GPPR's most-loved items, check out our Amazon wish list.

While you're there, why not share the love by getting one item for your companion and gifting one to our pups in need: the Buy One Give One of Valentine's Day!

💕 Sterling Silver and Enamel Earrings 💕

Nothing says Valentine's Day like jewelry, right?!

How cute are these hand-crafted earrings from Etsy's Marmar! They would be the perfect finishing touch to any fur-covered outfit.

Above: These pups have their eyes fixed on you, a treat, a squirrel - you decide.

Below: This happy pup just wants to say hello and share his love with you.

Earrings measuring 1.25" from top to bottom.


Check them out here!

💕 You can't buy love, but... 💕

When you shop online at our Bonfire store, 100% of the proceeds go to support our Rescue Society. Not only can you can get awesome items like this T-shirt, there are also totes, caps, and more!

~ $24.99

Check out our shop here!

💕 Needle-Felted Great Pyrenees Ornament 💕

How adorable is this whimsical Pyr pup?! This ornament is needle-felted using 100% wool roving and is permanently tucked into its hand-stitched, up-cycled felted wool heart. Each of Etsy's CurlyFurr's ornaments is handmade and one of a kind.

~ 8" in length

~ $29.00

Check out this cutie here!

💕 Customized Care Kit for Your Pup 💕

Handcrafting in Minnesota since 2002, the owners of Blissful Dogs know big dog troubles - they're proud owners of Pyrenees and Leonbergers!

These balms are perfect for hard-working Pyr paws, dry noses, elbow calluses, and any pesky skin irritations.

With their customizable skin care kit, you get any two 1-ounce tins, any three lip balm sized .15 oz tubes, and a tips, hints, and directions brochure.

~ $29.95

Check out the kit here!

💕 Do you have any V-Day gift go-tos? 💕

Leave us a comment below to share some of your favorite gifts to give and get!

On this list, we tried to feature items from small businesses and good causes - if this describes you or someone you know, we'd love to feature those products, too. Just reach out to us with the information, and we'll add it to the list!


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