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The 12 Tips of Pet-Safe Holidays

Trees are becoming decorated, lights are being strung, menorahs are being lit, and presents are getting wrapped - the holidays are just around the corner!

We hope these 12 tips help you make the most out of this festive season with your furfriends.

If you have any neat tricks you use with your pets, drop us a comment below to share!

1. String lights

Problem: Those beautiful, shiny lights look delicious and fun to our pets.

Solution: String lights only where your pet can't reach, and turn them off when away.

2. Christmas Trees

PR: The tree's needles can get stuck in your pet's paws or throat.

SL: Regularly remove the fallen needles.

PR: Fir tree oils can be mildly toxic, which may cause stomach issues.

SL: Keep an eye on your furfriend to see how they're doing, or opt for a pine tree!

PR: To Mr. Whiskers, your tree looks like a new climbing apparatus.

SL: Put a gate around your tree or close off access to it when you are not around.

3. Wrapping distractions

PR: Bows and ribbon can be choking hazards and it's easy to get lost in those boxes

SL: Try to keep the door shut when wrapping your presents

4. Tempting treats

PR: That holiday scent wafting in from the kitchen is irresistible to our pets.

SL: Avoid leaving food out on the counter, put Santa's cookies in a jar.

*Read our article here on which holiday foods are safe and unsafe for your pet.

5. Festive plants

PR: Poinsettias, mistletoe, and holly are all toxic plants to varying degrees.

SL: Instead, opt for pet-friendly plants, or display these out of reach.

6. Decorations that dangle

PR: Hanging tinsel, garlands, and stockings might mean things get knocked over

SL: Keep an eye on your dangling decorations and try to keep things out of reach.

7. Antifreeze

PR: For some reason, pets think the smell of highly-toxic antifreeze is alluring.

SL: Store AF in a safe place, and only use it where pets never go (don't spill it).

8. Ornaments & baubles

PR: Broken ornament shards can easily wound a paw or two

SL: Try to hang ornaments out of reach of prying paws

*These hand-crafted-Ornaments that support our Rescue Society make great, safe decorations!

9. Guests

PR: Our house is suddenly crowded with strange people are pets don't know

SL: New faces and noise can be scary for our pets, so provide a safe room for them

10. Baby, it's cold outside

PR: As snow falls and temperatures drop, it becomes dangerous to go outside

SL: Watch your pets when outside and be sure to warm them up once back inside

11. Fire safety

PR: Your pet may want to check out those crackling, dangerous open flames

SL: Keep fireplaces/menorahs/candles out of reach and extinguish when away.

12. A blue Christmas without you

PR: Visiting loved ones can be great, but your pet might feel a bit lonesome.

SL: Try not to leave your pet alone for too long, or take them with you when you can!

Happy Holidays from the Pyr Review!

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